Barbara Poma, A CommUnity Icon

Introducing Barbara Poma, a community icon.


For decades, Ms. Barbara Poma has been a leader in the Central Florida community as well as a passionate advocate and a dear friend to thousands around the world.


Many know Ms. Poma due to the senseless tragedy that occurred at Pulse Nightclub. She established Pulse in 2004 in honor of her brother and named it to ensure his pulse would beat on. Today, the pulse beats for all those touched by the tragedy of June 12, 2016. On that Sunday, Pulse became the scene of one of the nation’s worst mass shootings in modern American history. Since then, Ms. Poma uses her passion and influence to spread the message that love will always win.


This year, the teams at Diane Meiller and Associates and me & my commUnity are thrilled to have Barbara as our opening keynote speaker. She will share her experiences before, during and after the tragedy. She will talk about how not just ours, but hundreds of communities came together in countless ways to show their love and support.


Barbara knows all too well that support, change and community action can come in reaction to tragedy. In her keynote, Ms. Poma will emphasize the importance of proactive engagement in our community, understanding our common needs and shared goals. We are all members of a family which extends beyond our individual homes and into the hearts of our neighbors, forming a commUnity of strength, hope and love.