Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise Transformation
Enterprise Transformation

At DM&A we feel that Enterprise Program Management is a way of thinking, communicating and working, all supported by an information system that organizes the enterprise’s resource in a direct relationship to the leadership’s vision and the mission, strategy, goals and objectives that move the organization ahead.

The Business Process Optimization Practice at Diane Meiller & Associates, Inc. provides over 75 years of collective experience in enterprise process optimization, LEAN Six Sigma, and performance improvement initiatives.


The industry experience of the practice consultants covers both public and private sector and includes Government, Hospitality, Healthcare, K-12, Higher Education, Construction, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Business Process Outsourcing.


DM&A’s passion for excellence is demonstrated by the quality, competency and integrity of each member of our staff, the positive impact of our deliverables at each client, and by our continuous and proactive internal evaluation of our firm as a way to ensure that our practices, methodology, services, culture and competency reflects the highest level of industry performance excellence.


Within the Business Process Optimization Practice at DM&A, we offer performance excellence management consulting services which include:


  • Business Process Mapping
  • Current and Future State Assesment
  • Cap Analysis and Recommendations for Optimal Efficiency
  • SOP Development and Documentation
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Cost Saving and Productivity Analysis
Diane Meiller and Associates

Diane Meiller-Cook
President and CEO

A dynamic change leader with specific expertise in enterprise change management and corporate organizational realignment,  Ms. Meiller possesses the expertise to collaborate effectively with senior leaders to assess and leverage an organization’s human capital resources to optimize its ability to achieve objectives.  Ms. Meiller is a regular presenter on the topics of Change Management, Strategic Planning, Organizational Alignment and Leadership Optimization.

  • Process Control – Identify appropriate thresholds for output.
  • Project & Change Management – Use proper project management and change control to maximize success.
  • Performance Measurement – Establish methods to track and measure performance.
  • Customer Feedback – Obtain feedback on what the customer needs from the process.
  • Gap Analysis – Identify gaps between.
  • Root Cause Analysis – Isolate causal factors.
  • Resource Allocation – Aligns known skill sets and competencies to functions.
  • KPIs – Determine appropriate KPIs.
  • Process Map – Detailed flow diagram of the process.
  • SIPOC – Summarizes the inputs and outputs.
  • Value Stream Mapping – Identify waste, reduce process cycle times, and implement process improvement.
  • External Benchmarking – Determines performance metrics and best practices.
  • Scorecard – Keep track of process execution vs expectations.
  • Quality Management – Ensure consistent quality in process execution and ongoing improvements.
  • Lessons Learned – Gather feedback and adjust.

25 Years of Enterprise Transformation Experience