Leading With Strengths

Clifton StrengthsFinder

One of the most common questions regarding leadership is “What makes a great leader?”. Though there are several that are common, there are millions of combinations and all of them can be leveraged to achieve goals and objectives. Responses often include traits such as a core value system, high integrity, good communication skills, strategic thinker, a visionary, inspirational, confident, passion and determined, as well as many others. These are all important.

What if we looked at organizational leadership through the effective leveraging of individual and team strengths? The Clifton Strengths assessment helps leaders and individuals better understand their unique talents so they may leverage them to optimize their ability to achieve goals. When organizations invest in understanding the strengths of each individual and team instead of focusing on highlighting performance deficiencies, it transforms the culture into one which highlights distinctive styles and perspectives as they contribute to the organization’s success.

Intentional leveraging of leadership strengths is essential at all levels throughout an organization. It creates an energy and message that can positively impact employee engagement, performance, and workplace brand. Who wouldn’t want to work for an organization committed to leveraging the strengths of each employee and the collective strengths of the team? What about customers?

Ask yourself this: Wouldn’t they prefer to do business with an organization whose employees love what they do and do it well?

Don’t all leaders want to lead an organization where employees love coming to work because they are leveraging their best strengths while making the organization’s its best?

To learn more about how to lead with strengths, reach out to our Certified Cliftons Strengths Coach,  Diane Meiller-Cook.