Prepare and Mitigate

Prepare and Mitigate

“What we deny engulfs us, what we embrace makes us whole”[1]. This is true in many aspects of life and is particularly apt when applied to preparing for emergencies or business interruptions. As the season of hurricanes approaches, it is essential to be prepared.

Preparing for the unwanted and unexpected is often on the bottom of the priority list even though the responsibility for mitigating forces that negatively affect organizations should be a top priority.  Minimizing the risks or hazards that can impact an organization is often something we put off to another day, when there is “enough” time and additional funds.  Like physical health, an organization’s health requires a plan to ensure there is strength to draw upon when crisis hits.

Fact:  Natural and man-made disasters occur every day around the globe including cyber breaches, which are a regular occurrence. Such events can and will happen; it is a matter of when and how close to home it will hit.

Fact:  Risks may vary based on geographic location, building construction, industry type, and organization size but there are still risks. At one time, the focus was on natural disasters and weather events. Now, risks due to man-made events like cyber-attacks, physical assaults or active shooters can impact any organization at any time.

Fact:  Organizations today are lean. There will never be extra time in the workweek or extra money in the budget.

Fact:  Customers, vendors, and employees expect organizations to be prepared for the unexpected.


Are you?

[1] Tree Full of Angels: Seeing the Holy in the Ordinary by Macrina Wiederkehr