DM&A Recognizes Flo Sena and Tina Rourk at Annual Conference

Each year, DM&A recognizes two individuals whose value to our clients, our company and our community is exemplary.  In November of 2014, Flo Sena,

Tina Rourk

Senior Business Process Consultant was given an award for her Outstanding Contribution to DM&A, and Tina Rourk, IT Optimization and Planning Practice Leader was given the award for exemplifying Performance Excellence.

Both Flo and Tina continue to raise the bar of performance expected of DM&A and have led and participated on numerous client engagements which delivered results that far exceeded client expectations while enhancing the competencies and skills of other members of the DM&A team.

Thank you Flo and Tina and Congratulations!

What do Clients say about Flo?

Flo Sena, Senior Business Process Consultant was recognized for her outstanding contribution to DM&A in 2014.  Flo’s contribution to DM&A has been instrumental in our ability to deliver outstanding results, far exceeding our clients expectations by developing business processes and workflows, improved efficiency, and implementation of technology and tools impacting the organization’s performance.


“Flo is exceptional, throughout, knowledgeable, capable, extremely helpful and dependable.  She is the glue that is holding our project together and its driving force to keep the team focused.  She understands the details and is able to articulate very accurately concepts to those that are not as familiar with them.  She is a rock upon which we are building a successful deployment of new technology for the business.  She is singular and indispensable.”
Robert Michaelis and Mark Hahn, The Fund


“I can honestly say that Flo Sena has truly been an invaluable part of the success we have experienced with the implementation of our new workflow tool in our branch operations.  I asked the internal project team to help me identify the value each member was currently bringing to the team and I heard more than once that the single most critical person working on this project is Flo.  Flo has that unique ability to not only understand what the business is trying to accomplish but to also be able to translate to the technical team in a way that supports and helps both groups get the desired result.  She is simply the best I’ve ever worked with!”
Sharon Priest, Senior Vice President of Operations, The Fund

What do Clients say about Tina?

Tina Rourk, IT Optimization and Planning Practice Leader receives DM&A’s Performance Excellence award.

“Tina’s leadership of the IT Optimization and Planning Practice has significantly impacted DM&A’s ability to further extend the company’s ability to assist organization’s with IT performance excellence and transformation through our competencies in the areas of IT security, outsourcing, systems and data architecture, business intelligence and interim CIO assistance.  Here is what some of our clients say about Tina’s impact to their organization.

Congratulations on your nomination for the performance excellence award. It is well deserved and truly reflective of the qualities displayed by you in helping me transition into my role as CIO for the Florida Virtual School organization. Your quiet leadership, preparedness, knowledge of the issues and insightful contributions were very instrumental for one of the smoothest transition that I have been involved with in my 30 years in the Information Technology industry. The managers and staff who you worked with while at FLVS express a healthy respect for your style and substance and months later speak your name with an aura of reverence. The documentation you provided, still sits on my desk and is a reference I rely on quite frequently when I need guidance. The bottom line on all that I have said so far is you have displayed excellence in your past dealings with myself and my organization, therefore it is fitting that you be given this award and you will wear it with pride. Enjoy the honor bestowed on you and continue to be the exceptional leader you have been for the rest of your career and your personal life.”
Conrad Cross, CIO Florida – Virtual School


“I’m delighted to hear that Tina is being recognized for exhibiting performance excellence.  She has certainly demonstrated top-notch abilities and professionalism in her work with Orlando Health.  Rarely do I have such a high level of confidence in work performed by external resources.  Her background and experiences have well prepared her to bring immediate value to any organization.  I personally regard her as a highly competent and seasoned IT professional and consultant.  Her contributions to Orlando Health have been significant and most helpful to our current and future work, plans and objectives.  I would certainly give her the highest of recommendations to any organization.”
Rick Schooler, VP & CIO – Orlando Health