Congratulations to Tina SnowTina Snow on her first anniversary with Diane Meiller and Associates! Since the first day Tina joined our team, her contributions have been significant. With over twenty five years of experience in IT Service Management, Application Development and Support, Finance and Tech Services, Tina’s versatile skill set is a tremendous asset to DM&A and our clients. But it isn’t only her professional skills which are such an asset to the team, it’s also her pranks, sense of humor and sense of fun that makes her a joy to work with. And we have all learned to beware – before we enter a room, we never know when there may be an extra critter or surprise waiting for us, followed by fits of laughter!

And, if you ever get the amazing opportunity to work with Tina, be sure to get a stress ball or Nerf toy gun for your office to defend yourself.

 Congratulations again Tina!

Tina Snow