Diane Meiller and Associates & The JDRF Imagine Gala

JDRF Imagine Gala


Diane Meiller and Associates, Inc.

Type 1 is more than just diabetes or a disease, it’s a human fighting for their life everyday and every night. Imagine having to worry about your blood sugar every morning you wake up, after every meal or in the middle of the night. Its something someone is fighting everyday and more than likely, you know or love one of the 1.6 million Americans fighting #T1D.

Led by our CEO, Diane Meiller-Cook, our leader, mentor and mother to two sons that battle Type 1 Diabetes, Diane Meiller & Associates is proud to support JDRF’s life-changing research, advocacy and partnerships in their effort to cure Type 1 Diabetes. In addition to running a successful management consulting firm and making a difference in the community, Diane fights day and night to raise awareness and funds for JDRF Central Florida so her sons and millions of other Type 1’s can one day live a live that is T1D free.

Her son, Luc Meiller is now a freshman at Stetson University and is one of the honorees at this year’s JDRF Re-Imagine Gala. We are proud of Luc and the other children being honored this year as we know how difficult their daily life routine is, especially during a year like 2020. We congratulate Luc as he continues to fight for the cure for himself, his brother Jean-Christian, and the thousands of other Type 1’s and their families who pray every day for a cure.

“My name is Luc Meiller. I’m eighteen years old and a freshman at Stetson University. My life changed forever when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in January, 2011 at 8 years old just six weeks after my 15 year old brother (JC) was diagnosed. I won’t lie – being a Type 1 can be tough sometimes. But, because of JDRF and the thousands who volunteer and donate to research for a cure, I have hope that there will be a day when I won’t have to worry every hour about my blood sugar – whether I’m in class, waking up, working out, or hanging out with friends. Thanks to all of you at the Re-Imagine Gala, my friends and family in the Type 1 community share my hope for a Type 1 free world.”

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